Cringeworthy Coat Closet Cringeworthy Coat Closet

Cringeworthy Coat Closet

Wednesday, Jul 17 7:30am ET

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An entryway closet is causing confusion and tension for an otherwise happy family of five. When they have company, mom and dad cringe if a guest asks to hang up their coat. Rather than the public space (guest coats and grab-and-go family closet that it is intended to be), this closet is a catch-all. It’s like a black hole; things go in there and are never seen again! Mom is frustrated and tired of the strain it is causing in the family, but she knows she can’t say put it where it belongs because even she doesn’t know where that is!!! In an effort to make for calmer comings and goings she has called The Order Project. Mom wants a place that the whole family can use easily and happily and she wants a place that will not make her cringe when she says, “can I take your coat?”

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Wednesday, Jul 17 at 7:30am ET