Maternity Home Multi-Use Mayhem Maternity Home Multi-Use Mayhem

Maternity Home Multi-Use Mayhem

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Viola’s House is a maternity home for homeless teens and the demands on the space are enormous. They have reached out to The Order Project for one particularly problematic area. Like many homes they have one big storage closet that has multiple identities. The closet serves as storage for food, baby bottles and paper products, including diapers and cleaning supplies. There is an overwhelming amount of stuff in this closet and many people access it for many different reasons. This kind of storage is so common in so many domestic settings that viewers will resonate. How will the TOP ladies categorize, organize and strategize an ongoingplan for maintaining order in this multi-use space? This is a huge challenge and order is so important for the young women going through challenging times as well as for the people who look after them and their little ones. One of our TOP ladies knows these challenges first hand and she uses her (painful) past experience to the benefit of the residents and staff at Viola’s House.