More Than a Hope and a Prayer More Than a Hope and a Prayer

More Than a Hope and a Prayer

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Part linen closet, part utility closet and all a mixed-up mess, this space at Great Commission Baptist Church, where our host Lauren and her family regularly worship, is in need of more than a hope and a prayer! Like many of The Order Project’s clients the church needs to be able to find those ‘use once in a while items’ as easily as those used daily. But in this storage space, filled with items that range from tablecloths, napkins and serving dishes to items normally found in a utility closet, this has proved to be a challenge. And, just like the linens at your house, the church’s linens require special storage requirements. Do they fold and stack or hang? Is it a good idea to store on wire racks? And how do you know if this is a tablecloth for 4 or 14? The ladies of The Order Project, like always, have done their homework and will create systems that keep the serving pieces clean and protected and the linens preserved and ready to go at a moment’s notice. If their tips and tricks work for a church that regularly hosts events for hundreds, just imagine how helpful they will be for your linen’s occasional pieces.